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Art for The Eagle RBB
marcus aquilla
A HUGE thanks to the amazing beederiffic for being patient with me and for writing such a GORGEOUS fic!!! ♥♥♥
Note: I will update the Art Master Post as the story continues to evolve, so I will not give any spoilers.
Warnings: None
Link to the fic: Tidewrack - Chapter 1 | Chapter 2  

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Thank you! :) Oh god, I hope to be up for the challenge.

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Oh, these are amazing illustrations. I was quite tempted by the original one you submitted for the RBB, although I ended up picking a different artwork to write for. I hope the author finishes the story!

Here via motetus' rec -- oh wow, this is absolutely stunning. It's amazing how you've made the simple-looking style express so much detail and feeling.

I missed seeing these other two pictures during the RBB. I just adore your style on these (and the first one). The use of shadow in the bottom one is so striking. And the middle one creates such a sense of ominous potential, with Marcus curled up and everyone standing over him. And the alternating black/white of their clothing works so well. The style reminds me a lot of scrimshaw and makes me think of the sea.

These are stunning. There's something very Arthurian about the last one, but in any case, they're all gorgeous.

(Edited cos I can't count!)

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